Eco-Districts Protocol Global Launch

Today is the global launch of the EcoDistricts Protocol, a performance standard for district-scale sustainable development – and redevelopment – of urban areas.

Mark Thompson Brandt of MTBA Associates is an EcoDistrict graduate and a member of the Protocol Global Advisory Committee, helping to bring this tool to fruition over the last 4 years.

Help us celebrate by checking this document out, through the link below.

Two years ago, you joined EcoDistricts on an ambitious journey — to build a first-of-its kind process-based performance standard for district-scale urban development. Your support as an expert advisor and peer reviewer throughout this process has been invaluable.

This week marks an important milestone for this hard work: the global launch of the EcoDistricts Protocol and with it a movement driven to achieve ambitious, meaningful outcomes in cities worldwide. 

We have an ambitious dream here at EcoDistricts. We aim to reach that day when every urban development decision is designed to serve people of every color, every income level, every background, every age. When prioritizing people and planet is commonplace, and we consistently deliver thriving economies, affordable housing, resilient infrastructure, and healthy communities with access to nature, rich with art and culture, and a net positive impact on the environment.

We know you share this dream. And now it’s time to take action, to build vibrant cities for all one neighborhood and district at a time.

Are you in?  

How we build – and rebuild – our cities is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime, and there is absolutely no time to lose. We call on you now — the innovative city makers, planners, designers, and community leaders charged with tackling this challenge — to stand with us and disrupt the status quo. Embrace the Protocol. Download it. Use it. Share it across your team and network.
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