Compact urban form providing more efficient heating and increased density, Halifax (image source: Shelley Bruce)

Building Resilience Guidelines Sneak Previews at Recent Conferences

As part of the  proceedings at the APTi Conference in Quebec City in October 2014 Heritage BC and Parks Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Territorial Collaboration on Historic Places provided an information sheet featuring the forthcoming Building Resilience Guidelines.  The information sheet provided an overview of the document’s purpose, it’s connection to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and an outline of the content.

The APTi Conference was the second recent event where the Guidelines information sheet was distributed, the first being Heritage Canada The National Trust’s recent Conference in Charlottetown.

The current release date for the Guidelines is Spring 2015.  To get an advanced look at portions of the document on the MTBA web site click here.

Please see the attached link for the handout here.